Learn to Read English for Beginner Readers-LEVEL 2

This is the second course in teaching your child to read English. For beginner readers who can read simple words, aged 5-6.

Intended Audience: parents, parents of young children, elementary school students, aged 5-6, children, young children, year 1 students

Reading Strategies - What to do when your child doesn't know a word.
What Is Reading
Fostering Comprehension Skills
How To Help Your Child Learn the Alphabet Sounds and Sight Words
The Alphabet - USA version
The Alphabet - UK version
Alphabet Sounds - a b c
Alphabet Sounds - d e f
Alphabet Sounds - g h i
Alphabet Sounds - j k l
Alphabet Sounds - m n o
Alphabet Sounds - p q r
Alphabet Sounds - s t
Alphabet Sounds - u v w
Alphabet Sounds - x y z
Alphabet Rhymes
Alphabet Coloring-In Book
Alphabet Certificate
Sight Words - Insects
Sight Words - Numbers to 10
Sight Words - Positions
Sight Words - Actions
Sight Words - Food
Sight Words - Feelings
Sight Words - Clothes
Sight Words - Sports
Sight Words - Places
Sight Words - Sizes
Sight Words - Pets
Sight Words - Objects Around the House
Sight Words - Jobs
Sight Words - Weather
Sight Words - Space
Sight Words - Toys
Sight Words - Transport
Sight Words - Joining Words
Sight Words Certificate
an and
are the is
on at in
under over inside outside weather
Most Commonly Used 10 Words
Next 10 Most Commonly Used Words
More Difficult - 100 Common Words - Video 1
More Difficult - 100 Common Words - Video 2
More Difficult - 100 Common Words - Video 3
More Difficult - 100 Common Words - Video 4
More Difficult - 100 Common Words - Video 5
More Difficult - 100 Common Words - Video 6
How to Use Video Books - Parent Information
The Best Playground Ever
Do You Want to Play?
The Very Hungry Ant
Where Is My Hat?
Where Is Rabbit?
How Do You Feel?
When I Grow Up
Are You My Friend?
Are You A Monster?
Have You Been Good?
My First Day at Kindy
What Can You See In Space?
Reading Certificate
Blending the a sound
Blending the e sound
Blending the i sound
Blending the o sound
Blending the u sound
Long Vowel Sounds - Magic e
Blending Sounds Certificate

What's included

  • 67 Video Lessons
  • 5 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Karen Campbell


Karen Campbell and Katrina Kahler are highly experienced Early Childhood and Elementary School teachers with 30 years of experience. Both ladies have taught in Australian schools as Advanced Skills Teachers and have been nominated for an Inspirational Teaching Award. They have co-written a number of Learn to Read Books for Beginner Readers.