ROCK SCHOOL! Learn to Play Guitar

Learn from a QUALIFIED GUITAR TEACHER. Acoustic and electric guitar lessons for children, teens and adults.

This is a fabulous learn to play guitar course with all the lessons you need in one place. It includes a variety of lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students teaching you how to play both acoustic and electric guitar. These fun and easy to follow lessons demonstrate a wide variety of skills. 

Learn various chords, riffs, finger exercises, picking and strumming skills as well as a list of fun and popular songs suitable for all levels. Songs by Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Auburn and Green Day, as well as various other popular artists will teach you many different skills.

The videos are easy to follow and you can learn at your own pace. 

Learn to play guitar for beginners...the lessons are comprehensive and start with all the basics moving onto simple songs that are fun to play. 

Lessons in guitar for intermediate students as well as guitar for advanced players are also included. This is a great course for all levels and standards. 

Impress your family and friends while having fun and developing an awesome skill that you will have forever!

Intended Audience: teenagers, teens, tweens, children, high school, elementary school, middle school, guitar students, students, music students, parents

Major Chords
7th Chords
Minor Chords
Simple Riffs
Beginner Songs
Finger Exercises
Bruno Mars - Marry You
Taylor Swift - Our Song
Auburn - Perfect Two
Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Advanced Riffs
Bar Chords
Spanish Style Instrumental
Picking and Strumming - House of the Rising Sun
Blues in the Key of E - Part 1
Blues in the Key of E - Part 2
How to Use Your Amp
Advanced Riffs with Distortion
Blues in the Key of A
How to be a Lead Guitar Rock Star
Pink - So What!
The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army

What's included

  • 23 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Karen Campbell


Karen Campbell and Katrina Kahler are highly experienced Early Childhood and Elementary School teachers with 30 years of experience. Both ladies have taught in Australian schools as Advanced Skills Teachers and have been nominated for an Inspirational Teaching Award. They have co-written a number of Learn to Read Books for Beginner Readers.